Visas and immigration

We may appoint an applicant to a clinical position who isn’t an Australian citizen or permanent resident if there aren’t any qualified and experienced people available.

We sometimes sponsor health professionals, but you can also apply for some visas yourself. Read more about visas and sponsorships on the Queensland Health website.

We can recruit international medical graduates under an area of need declaration if we can’t fill positions with Australian or New Zealand trained medical professionals.

Assessment of clinical knowledge and skills

All international medical graduates need to attend a pre-employment structure clinical interview to assess your clinical knowledge and skills.

Read more about Pre Employment Structure Clinical Interview (PESCI) Guidelines and Criteria for AMC Accreditation of PESCO Providers (PDF, 339MB)


Internationally qualified candidates must be able to register to practice in Queensland and meet health profession standards.

Read more about Queensland's requirements to practise.

If you’d like more information call 07 4226 3752 or email

Last updated: December 2022