If you're planning to do research at a Cairns and Hinterland Health and Hospital Service site, you’ll need to submit an SSA application using the Ethical Review Manager (ERM).

Make sure you have ethics approval before you submit your SSA application.

Before you start the SSA application process, please contact the Research Governance Officer for project specific information, on 07 4226 5512 or RGO_Cairns@health.qld.gov.au.

How do I apply?

Step 1. Prepare your supporting documents

You'll need to submit the following supporting documents with your SSA application.

Required documents

  1. Cover letter listing all documents you are presenting for review (with versions and dates)
  2. SSA submission checklist (PDF, 283 KB)
  3. Initial approval letter from the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) and any HREC approval letters relating to amendments made to study documents (if applicable)
  4. Human research ethics application
  5. Research protocol
  6. Chief Finance Officer (CFO) memo
  7. CV for the principal investigator

Supporting documents

You only need to provide this information if it's relevant to your project.

  • Approved study documentation including:
    • a data collection tool such as a Queensland Advancing Clinical Research Fellowships (CRF)
    • the Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (DOC, 51 KB)
    • the investigator brochure
    • questionnaires and other instruments
    • advertising materials including transcripts for ads, emails, websites, letters or phone calls
    • a letter of invitation or letter to a GP
    • participant diaries or wallet cards
    • a letter of support from the relevant Indigenous Health Group Research funding schedule (budget)
  • Medicines Australia Form of Indemnity
  • Insurance certificate
  • Clinical Trial Notification
  • Research contract
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Certificate (for clinical trials only)
  • Public Health Act (PHA) approval

The Site Specific Application (SSA) submission requirements (PDF, 245KB), SSA submission checklist (PDF, 283 KB) and PHA checklist (PDF, 293 KB) will help you keep track of the documents you need for your application.

Step 2. Budget verification

Send the draft SSA application, completed Budget Endorsement Request Form (XLS, 1MB) and contract (if applicable) to CHHHS_Research_Business@health.qld.gov.au for review.

The Senior Business Coordinator (SBC) will provide you with a budget verification email and verified copy of the Budget Endorsement Request Form by return email.

Step 3. Get signatures and endorsements

You'll need signatures from:

  1. the designated business head of department. Please contact the CHHHS Research Governance Officer by email for the Head of Department signatories list.
    • Ensure that the “Wet-ink signature after printing” option is selected on the Head of Department signature page. This will bring up the signature block for the Head of Department.
    • Send the draft SSA application, SBC budget verification email, verified Budget Endorsement Request Form to the relevant business Head of Department.
    • Upload the Head of Department signature page in ERM.
  2. You'll also need endorsement from the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), even if no funds are being provided.
    • Email the SSA application signed by the Head of Department, SBC budget verification email, verified Budget Endorsement Request form and contract (if applicable) to CHHHS_Finance_&_Performance@health.qld.gov.au.
    • The CFO will issue you with a signed memo. This memo will then need to be uploaded as part of the SSA application in ERM.

Step 4. Submit your application

  1. Once you’ve uploaded your documents to the ERM, you can submit your application.
  2. Send a hard copy of your application, including all study documents, to the Research Governance Officer including a detailed cover letter and a copy of your completed submission checklist.

Sending by courier

Research Governance Officer
Research Ethics and Governance Unit, Queensland Health
Level 7, William McCormack Place, 5b Sheridan Street
Cairns QLD 4870

Phone: 07 4226 5512

Make sure the address is displayed as above so your application doesn't get lost.

Sending by post

Research Governance Officer
Research Ethics and Governance Unit, Queensland Health
PO Box 902 (Level 7, William McCormack Place, 5b Sheridan Street)
Cairns QLD 4870

View ERM how-to guides.

Next steps

After the Research Governance Officer has done their review, you’ll get an email to let you know the outcome of your application.

If your research has been given governance authorisation, you’ll also have reporting requirements.

Last updated: January 2023