Contact Details

Office hours:
Monday to Friday
8 am to 4:30 pm

Street address
21 Fourth Street
Forsayth QLD 4871

Postal address
21 Fourth Street
Forsayth QLD 4871

Our services

We offer a number of community health services such as maternal and child health, wound care and immunisations.

We also have telehealth and general outpatient services during normal office hours.

Visiting services

The Royal Flying Doctor of Australia visits every fortnight. Georgetown Primary Health Centre provides emergency rescue services with a hospital based ambulance.

If you need other services

If we don't offer the services you need, you'll be able to access them at Cairns Hospital or your closest hospital or health centre.

Plan your visit

Information to help you plan your visit to Forsayth Primary Health Centre.

Street address: 21 Fourth Street, Forsayth QLD 4871


We have parking outside the hospital. There's also a ramp up to the hospital for disabled access.

Drop off and pick up zones

There's a drop off zone outside the centre.

Last updated: May 2024