Contact Details

Office hours:
Monday to Friday
7 am to 4 pm

Street address
21-55 Walker Road
Edmonton QLD 4869

Postal address
PO Box 483
Edmonton QLD 4869

Our services

We currently offer renal dialysis 6 days a week during normal day to day operations.

Our facility has been built to withstand and function in a category 5 cyclone. This means we can provide interim emergency care if the Cairns Hospital Emergency Department is unable to. We also have a helipad on site so any casualties can be evacuated to another hospital.

If you need other services

If we don't offer the services you need, you'll be able to access them at Cairns Hospital or your closest hospital or health centre.

Plan your visit

Information to help you plan your visit to Cairns South Health Facility.

Street address: 21-55 Walker Road, Edmonton QLD 4869


We have free parking at the centre and 2 disability car parks.

Last updated: May 2024