Diseases and broken bones

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Award winning author Evie, aged nine, with mum Penny.

Diseases and broken bones… a trip to the Cairns Hospital
by Evie aged 9 years

Imagine vomiting for a whole day, then the next day slurring your words and taken to hospital where your life changes in an instant. Or tripping over on a nice walk in the park and seeing your gnarly bones sticking out of your body. Or what you thought was a graze turning into a contagious infection. Have you ever wondered what enters and exits the Cairns Hospital?

Blood, bruises and nasty scars – I witnessed all of this when visiting the Cairns Hospital recently. Over 16 193 people visited the hospital in 2022-2023, where I am standing today, with anything from cancer to breathing problems to diabetes.

Time in the Cairns Hospital

When I entered this life saving place I was vomiting, when I walked out, I was a type 1 diabetic. I spent 3 days in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) then 3 days in the paediatric children’s ward.


Breathing disorders, one of the most common illnesses for children in the Cairns Hospital, include asthma and pneumonia. I have never had pneumonia - I do have Asthma but this is not why I was there. In the six days that I was in the Cairns Hospital, I learnt to do all my own needles which was scary at first but now it is easy.

Broken bones

Diseases aren’t the only problem in the hospital, actually broken bones and injuries are pretty bad as well. The most common broken body parts in the Cairns Hospital are arms and next in line comes legs. I haven’t broken my leg yet, but I have torn the ligaments in my arm and it only took a scooter crash.

A variety of conditions

In the children’s ward, the room had 4 beds. Across from me there was a boy with a broken leg with an enormous cast up to the top of his thigh. Next to the boy was there was another boy, he needed surgery on a cut on his lip. Finally, the person next to me was a girl with an infection in her leg. She had to have surgery on it too! Diseases, broken bones and infections – this was an exciting trip because I saw it all.


Recovery in the Cairns Hospital usually takes a couple weeks depending on the damage. When I had diabetes I spend 6 days in hospital but I could not go back to school for a couple weeks after this.

Hospital is a fascinating place but also sometimes scary. The hospital looks after everybody and every condition. I hope you enjoyed my report on all the ups and downs, nooks and crannies of the Cairns Hospital and the ginormous event in my life.