What is a local area needs assessment?

A health needs assessment is a systematic method for reviewing the health issues of a defined population and identifying their specific health needs. It allows for the identification of health inequities and service gaps, which can then be prioritised to inform future services and funding.

This is a holistic assessment of health and service needs of the whole population, irrespective of the sector or funder responsible, and as such some of the needs identified fall outside of the scope of Queensland Health. In these instances, we intend to play an advocacy role where possible to influence change to help improve health outcomes.

The LANA entails a comprehensive data analysis, service profiling and consultation process carried out with community members, our health partners and our own staff across our diverse 142,900sq km region.

The outcomes

The needs assessment 34 health and service needs for the region.

There were four key themes across these needs:

  1. Access to care and services
  2. Care coordination/awareness of services
  3. Factors that influence health outcomes
  4. High rates of risky health behaviours

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Last updated: May 2023