Our services

The Gynaecology Outpatient Service provides primary and secondary outpatient care, as well as emergency and acute care in most areas of gynaecology.

We also provide services to the local Aboriginal Medical Service, outreach locations at our rural and remote facilities and at remote locations in the Torres Strait Islands and Cape York.

The service at Cairns Hospital is delivered by consultant gynaecologists, registrars and medical officers.

Our clinics treat:

  • urogynaecology
  • menorrhagia - severe menstrual bleeding
  • pelvic pain issues
  • endometriosis - a disorder of the uterus tissue
  • prolapse and incontinence - weakening of pelvic organs
  • fertility and reproductive issues
  • menopause issues
  • post-operative follow-up
  • wound management
  • gynaecology oncology, including telehealth with the Mater Health Service.

Our colposcopy clinic treats dysplasia which is management of abnormal cells.

Make or change an appointment

You need a written referral from your GP or health professional to make an appointment.

To make or change an appointment at Cairns Hospital phone 07 4226 8760, Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Last updated: January 2023