'Everything went black': bride-to-be's medical emergency on wedding eve

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Enya and Sean were married at Port Douglas, after a slight detour to Mossman Hospital the previous day.

A bride who collapsed on the eve of her dream wedding was still able to walk down the aisle thanks to the assistance of staff from Mossman Hospital.

Brisbane based bride-to-be Enya and her fiancé Sean were due to be married in a small ceremony at Port Douglas earlier this month.

However, the day after arriving in Far North Queensland, Enya started to feel unusually cold and unwell.

The next day while at dinner at Port Douglas, she deteriorated, and an ambulance was called.

‘At the restaurant, everything was going black, and my head was pounding. I couldn't hear or see what was going on around me. My hand was spasming and knotted up. I couldn't walk properly and don't remember what happened.

‘My whole body was shaking because I had a high temperature and was so dehydrated.

‘At that stage drinking water would not have fixed the problem.’

At Mossman Hospital, Enya was diagnosed with severe dehydration, a result of gastroenteritis and food poisoning she had contracted before she had arrived in the Far North.

Enya said staff at Mossman Hospital went out of their way to ensure her illness did not ruin her wedding plans.

‘The staff were truly amazing and so helpful. I was so surprised at how quickly they saw me and took blood tests and got the results back,’ she said.

‘My mother-in-law told the doctor I was getting married the next day. He made the experience really funny and pleasant. He said: 'I'm going to give you the wedding treatment'. Once one person knew, they all knew, and were really lovely and they were so excited.

‘As far as hospital visits go, it was one of the best.’

Enya was treated and discharged that evening, with luckily just experiencing a headache the next day for her wedding.

‘It was a micro wedding with just parents and siblings,’ Enya said. ‘It was a perfect day and the weather was amazing.’

The connection to Mossman Hospital did not stop the night before the wedding.

The couple’s nuptials were officiated by local celebrant Narelle Spencer, who is also an operational services supervisor at the hospital.