Clinical projects

Our projects have been looking closely at the health needs of our diverse and remote communities in Far North Queensland.

  • Far North Queensland Better Cardiac Care
  • Advancing Kidney Care 2026
  • Frail Older Persons Program
  • The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Rheumatic Heart Disease Action Plan 2018-2021

Far North Queensland Better Cardiac Care

Our program provides specialist cardiac outreach services to remote communities across Far North Queensland.

Because of this:

  • 661 patients didn’t need to travel to Cairns Hospital to see a cardiologist
  • 349 echocardiograms were done
  • 50 staff members were trained in cardiac care.

Advancing Kidney Care 2026

Indigenous adults are more than twice as likely to have chronic kidney disease as non-Indigenous adults. A quarter of our kidney transplant recipients in 2019-20 identified as being Indigenous.

This project aims to make kidney transplants more accessible. This includes improving the support we give during the referral and transplant. We're also trying to make home dialysis more available.

Frail Older Persons Program

Our health service continues to lead the way in how we care for vulnerable older persons.

We’ve brought together our Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention, OPEN ARCH Community Coordination Team and our Older Persons Liaison Service.

We’ve also launched a new acute response for our residential aged care facilities. This offers the choice for hospital-like care at home.

Building projects

We're always working to keep our facilities up to date and ready for new research and technology.

Read more about our current infrastructure projects.

Last updated: June 2023