One-man hospital equipment library a remarkable service for Far North Queenslanders

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John Compton with his hospital equipment shed in Yungaburra

John Compton with his hospital equipment shed in Yungaburra

Did you know that there is a hospital equipment library? And that it is entirely run by a hardworking volunteer on the Tablelands?

John Compton opened the Yungaburra Lions Medical Equipment Loan Shed in 2013, servicing clients across the Far North, as far as the tip of Cape York.

Mr Compton receives second-hand equipment donations from hospitals, nursing homes, and the general public.

He also receives monetary donations from community organisations who host fundraising events throughout the year.

For those requiring equipment, Mr Compton does not charge any hire fees – he simply asks for a donation.

Equipment is loaned for as long as it is required by clients, and Mr Compton keeps meticulous handwritten records of loans.

Last year, he provided equipment to 2500 clients.

The most commonly sought items include shower chairs, toilet frames, and wheelchairs; but Mr Compton also provides scooters, powered wheelchairs that can be purchased upon further discussions.

He also has hospital beds and mattresses for loan, and clients or carers are not required to arrange collection and set up.

Mr Compton has provided equipment to inpatients leaving hospital that has allowed them to return home in a safe and timely manner reducing prolonged admissions.

Cairns North Community Health occupational therapist Leona Hall-Matthews said Mr Compton was providing a remarkable service for the Far North.

‘John is an amazing man who gives so much of his free time to support the work of our Hospital and Health Service,’ she said.