Atherton Hospital's top 10 new features

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The new Atherton Hospital Clinical Services Building.

The new Atherton Hospital Clinical Services Building.

ATHERTON Hospital's new Clinical Services Building has been completed as part of the massive $86.4 million redevelopment of the hospital.

Our staff are excited about the new facilities they can use to start caring for patients from 31 May.

Here are the top 10 new features to look forward to at the hospital:

1.   New Emergency Department

The new Emergency Department has its own spacious waiting area and features a larger acute observation area and expanded purpose-built trauma and resuscitation bays. This will let our team better respond to trauma and other emergency presentations.

2.   New maternity ward

The new maternity ward includes: three single rooms with ensuites; a large two-bedroom room, which can turn into a family room; two spacious birth suites; a water birthing pool; three separate assessment rooms for appointments; a spacious waiting room for families; rooms and birth suites with stunning views of the Tablelands countryside.

3.   New general medical ward (North Ward)

This upgraded ward includes more single rooms with ensuites for greater patient privacy; eight single rooms and two double rooms, and three bedrooms, each with their own ensuite for patient privacy. The rooms have been designed to make the most of the natural light and views.

4.   A new main entrance

The front entrance to Atherton Hospital on Louise Street is now the main access point to the new Clinical Services Building. Other parts of the hospital can be accessed via a convenient linkway.

5.   New operating theatres

Atherton Hospital now has two new operating theatres, which means more capacity for day surgery. Previously, this space was shared with oncology.

6.   Greater emergency access

Atherton Hospital used to be a small-town hospital. Due to population growth, ambulances now have a dedicated entry point to the Emergency Department, and the helipad has been shifted much closer to the ED.

7.  New patient drop-off and pick-up zones

It is now much easier to drop off and pick up your family and friends at Atherton Hospital, with new zones established outside the Emergency Department and the new hospital entrance.

8.   New Medical Imaging

Atherton Hospital has modern medical imaging (X-ray) technology. Access to medical imaging is much more convenient for outpatients, with a separate waiting area via the Emergency Department entrance on Louise St. There are new separate inpatient treatment areas that will improve patient privacy and provide a more comfortable experience.

9.   Peace and privacy

The new Clinical Services Building has a ‘quiet’ room, which has been designed for friends and relatives of patients receiving emergency care to have some privacy – and even a cup of tea – while they wait. There are also more private spaces for social workers to meet and support patients and their loved ones.

10.   Architectural splendour

The redevelopment of Atherton Hospital is architecturally distinct, yet reminiscent of the deep history of the site. A prominent archway motif is based on the original nurses’ quarters design; a brick plinth by the main entrance also pays homage to the original nurses’ quarters, created using bricks from the former building; and the colourful tiles on the exterior of the building tell the story of the Tablelands itself - with its rich reds, vibrant greens and deep blues. Adding to this are improved gardens, landscaping and sculptures that aim to ameliorate any visit to the hospital.